Saturday, 2 February 2013

YouTube Network

Last night, I received an e-mail from StyleHaul. Offering me to join their YouTube Network of Beauty Guru's. Which puzzled me because I'm not exactly a Beauty Guru to begin with. Before replying to their e-mail, I did some research.
Basically, there are YouTube Networks that approach YouTubers and offer some sort of contract. I don't think they have any control over your youtube account, but your adsense. Which is wear the money comes from.
So they can take a percentage of your earnings, who knows! The thought of me giving away my adsense to a bunch of people I don't know, is very unsettling. I mean, they say they'll pay me more than what I'm currently earning. But unless they're hackers, how would they know how much money other youtubers earn? Hmmm ..
Anyway, in the e-mail they said they're funded by Machinima. Which is actually another YouTube Network. A network that my friend recommended me to, a network I've been hearing a lot of negative stuff about. Since Machinima pays every 3 months, that's an instant "No" from me. Because I have to pay for bills, mortgages etc on a monthly basis. So you can tell that it just doesn't work for me.
Next, it happens to be a 4-year contract so it's like I'm being tied down, you know? No way out for 4 looong years. That's why I have to think looong and hard about this. I'm not gonna join just because Bubzbeauty is in that network. So, we'll see. Off to bombard them with questions lol.
There are a lot of scammers out there, so becareful. If a someone claims to be from a YouTube Network and starts asking for your log-in details, don't 'fool' for it ;) (See what I did there? lmao).