Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Scary Fan E-mail

Hey guys! So lately I've been feeling down because my granny is really ill and honestly I've been too stressed out that I rarely even check my inbox. So here's the thing, a fan sent me a friendly e-mail and I replied nicely, this was way before I found out about my granny's condition. Not long after, I started talking to my mum more and I can see how frightened she is because of what granny is going through (Stay strong, granny! We love you!). So I've been comforting her and keeping her company. Today, I looked at my inbox and saw a bunch of e-mails from that fan and it went from positive to ..I don't know how to decribe it. After that last e-mail (can be found at the bottom of this post), I was too afraid to even reply to someone like that. I can't stand people who say stuff like "I cut myself because of you". Do you not think that I have a life of my own? One e-mail would've been enough, I would've replied to your e-mail today now that I finally have time to check my inbox but now I see the kind of person you really are ..And you even posted on my Facebook wall telling me that I chose my friend (boyinaband) over you. What the hell? 
Are we in some kinda love triangle in your head?
Feel free to read the whole conversation.

Now I regret replying to your first e-mail ..