Wednesday, 28 December 2011

"I haz duh flu!"

Looks like everyone is ill :( I've been coughing like mad for days now, and my throat is sore. Meep! Give me duh drug! So, Christmas is over which means, we're another step closer towards 2012! What's your New Year's Resolution? Damn, nothing good on TV ..Oh Oh! Ip Man will be on soon! I don't know why I'm excited because I've never seen the movie. Maybe because it's an Asian movie[?] I dunno. Guess today will be my first time watching it. That's right folks, I'm an IP MAN VIRGIN (HUH?!)I've noticed how much my hair looks like horse hair Lol! Saying that out loud, it sounded like I said "whore's hair". No offense, whores have nice hair. (lol?) Anyway, I should be going to bed soon because I have a really big headache. No, not because I have a BIG head xD Err ..Anyways, yeah. Still need to watch "Ip Man" first! OMG! Guess what guys? My friend Abi appeared on Japanese TV! Well, they played her dance video. But yeah, she's so cute! And I'm EXTREMELY happy for her! I can watch her dance all day xD! LOL! What's up with the third photo on this blog entry? I have no clue. I look like a hobo. Well, I sure have the gloves for it ;) (Fingerless gloves FTW) Meh~ I must be boring you guys so I'll just end it here ..I have nothing else to blab about anyway :P HURHURHUR! G'night everyone!