Thursday, 31 October 2013


G'morning, everyone! It's Halloween today! Any plans for tonight? ..Nope! Just gonna chill at home and watch porn ..Just kidding! ..Horror porn! Muhaha! Anyway, this is actually supposed to be a little rant blog so let's get started, shall we? Yesterday, my parents arrived at my house to put tiles on the porch floor (how nice!). Before I realise it, Mammy starts putting tiles on the kitchen wall! After putting up like 4-5 of them, Daddy stopped her and said something in Vietnamese (I should probably start learning just so I can understand him, but meh! Too lazy!).  So she took the tiles down and left a nasty chunk of cement drying on the wall ..Excuse me, but I'm the owner of this house, shouldn't you at least ask me before you start doing stuff to my wall?! The next morning (today), as I was just about to plug in the washing machine plug thingy to ..y'know ..wash my clothes. I find cement clogging the plug socket! Ohhh great ....

Thursday, 10 October 2013


Yesterday, these two men stopped by my house and my boyfriend let them in. Obviously, I was feelin' skeptical about it at first. But then they had identification and proof that they were sent here of behalf of the Government to supply us with free insulation which makes my house warmer (now that it's getting super cold as f*ck) and saves us a lot of money on our gas and electricity bills. While they were measuring the walls and completing a survey (basic procedure). Guess who decides to show up! DUN DUN DUNNN! It's Daddy Rishu! ..Oh FFS! I'm more pissed off that they didn't call before they came like they promised. Privacy my ass ..They don't know the meaning of privacy. They just throw that word around like confetti. Mammy walked in with a WTF face and was like "Who duh hell are these guys?!". Dad was putting pressure and throwing jabs at the poor guy, sayin' stuff like "I saw on TV that there are people like you who claim things are free and then charge them lots of money!". My boyfriend and I facepalmed throughout the whole conversation. I checked the council website and the free insulation bit was actually TRUE. Eventhough I showed it to my dad, it wasn't enough to convince him. He's all like, "They probably saw the website too and decide to come here, get you to sign a paper and then charge you money afterwards". But the man specifically showed us the full contract and it all said "FREE, FREE, FREE". Then he lectured us for God knows how long. Saying "Nothing in life is free." (Yet freebies and "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" offers exist ..) So anyway, the other guy was at the back of my house and drilled through the wall. That's when Mammy went nuts! She started going: "And what's THIS guy doing now?? He's ruining the house! Honey, get him!". My dad walked out and yelled "AY AY AY!" LOOOL! After nearly an hour of bullsh*t of dad saying "This is MY house! I am the real owner! I don't need you!" (Excuse me, but this house is under MY name!) he kicked them out of the house ..My dad decided to show my boyfriend the holes on the wall and was like "Come! Let me show you what these bad men did to your home!". The last I heard, you claimed this was your home ..*Shakes head* So, I looked it up and apparently, the drilling holes bit is part of the procedure too. "Before the work is undertaken a throughout survey is carried out to ensure that the building is suitable for insulation. This may involve drilling test holes into the outer leaf of the brickwork and inspecting the interior of the cavity to check that it is clear of any debris and of a sufficient width to allow the material to spread evenly within it." So not only did we not get the free insulation, we have to pay thousands for it in the future because everyone in this area is gonna have it. And only our area and people on benefits are gettin' it for free. Thanks a lot, Dad ..If that's your real name!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

What I Like/Dislike About YouTube

* I like making friends with other YouTubers.

* Getting to know the people who watch my videos.

* Collaborating with friends.

* Watching tutorials on how to edit videos.

* Watching videos in general.

* Expressing myself through vlogging.

* When someone LIKES my video. (I dunno why, it just motivates me to continue making videos)

* When people act like they own me. "Urgh, you should lose weight", "You need a nose job", "Change your voice because you're pissing everyone off"
Well let me tell you something, there is a MUTE button. Use it! So what if you can't hear what I'm saying, I put friggin' subtitles! So your excuses don't work on me. Sorry!

* People who act like they're better than everyone else when clearly, they're just a lowlife glued to their fucking chair 24/7 and have nothing better to do with their lives but stuff their face with expired snacks ..Gosh, I'm a bitch.

* Online drama. I've experienced it last year and definitely do NOT wanna go back to that again.

* Impersonators. People who steal YouTuber's videos, re-uploads them and make money off them. That's just wrong. They worked hard doing all the filming and editing and then you see these jackasses taking all the credit for their hard work. No!

* Usually, this happens in school. But YouTube is no joke when it comes to false info and rumors. "Oh, Xiao fucked her brother." "No, she's dating her cousin", "Really? I thought she killed her brother and then slept with her cousin?" What the actual fuck is wrong with you people? 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Nana Nana Na ..

Heyo! Gosh, it's been a while since I've updated this. So how's everyone today? I hope you're all enjoying your summer. Wait, has it started? Winter, Spring, Su-Ah ..It starts next month. Meh~ Feels like summer now so Imma call it summer. Whatchu gonna do about it huh?? *Swings a paper fan around in circles* Yeah, I can be normal too. OK, I guess not. It's like 11:3 ..5 ..6! 36! ..PM ..right now. And I don't know what to type. Not much to update on except that I'll be mega busy for the next 2-3-4 months. 234 months?! Dang! Just kidding. Yeah, about 2~4 months. So, I apologise for being so inactive on YouTube. It's really difficult to find time to make videos when I have more important things to do. Yeah, I said it. It affects my future, which is why it's really important. So I gotta get it sorted it and stuff. I feel like I just gave it away. Ah well, you guys will eventually find out why I'm so busy, after I take all this weight off my shoulders.
So I logged onto Facebook and found something really disturbing in my news feed since a few of my friends happen to be fans of the Palermo's =/ Yuck. It was a photo of VA's face photoshopped (Click Here) onto a Japanese model's body. Apparently, it was originally posted by some creepy Japanese fan-man ..and reposted by ..yes ..VA's mother. She goes on about what people think she should do. Meanwhile, she re-edits that photo to make it look "more like Venus". (Click Here) Eventhough all she did was change the brightness/contrast a little, add colour to her eyes and ..Oh yes, made her boobs bigger. (Click Here) I'm sorry but unless VA had a boob job, there is no way her boobs can look like that (Sorry to disappoint you, VA). No way in hell. Innocent my ass. And the fact that VA's mum photoshopped it as a response to the creepy fan ..That's making him fantasize about VA even more. What kind of mother does that? =_=; ..Seriously? No, just ..No.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

VA Strikes Back

Hi, I just wanna get something off my chest.
A couple years ago, I was dating this guy and after we broke up, he started dating this new girl. When she saw videos of us together, she seemed really bothered by them. So my ex told me to take the videos down. I didn't blame her because I'd feel the same way if I saw videos of my boyfriend with his ex. So by fulfilling his wish, as a FRIEND, I listened to him and took all the videos down which were filmed with him. His only mistake was threatening to call the police if I don't take them down. I mean, yeah. You can do what you want IF I refused. But I didn't. I took them all down within a few minutes out of respect. So I don't see what his problem is.

Now, the reason why I suddenly want to bring this up is because I saw a screenshot posted on my Facebook wall. I know I said I wouldn't talk about 'her' again but lemme give you some advice. If you think fame and money is worth losing a friend, you really need to get your act together, girl. Your mum called us fame-suckers when infact ..The fame-sucker is YOU. I've seen a couple of your recent videos and I was really convinced that you've changed. You've stopped blocking your fans and never got involved in further drama after the World War 3 we had last year. But now you're doing it all again! Why? You think you get haters because we're all jealous of you? Oh, please. They hate you because you don't think of anyone but yourself. You have no respect for anyone whatsoever. You make me feel ..Just ..ARGH! I really don't get you. You've finally made a friend who's beautiful inside and out, and even share the same interest as you. Why throw that away over a video? She asked you to take it down nicely. There are plenty other videos of you two together. Don't be a bitch ..for the second time. I know a lot of people are gonna start blaming your mum for this. But honestly, I believe it's you. I'm sick of people using the excuse "She's just a kid, She's just a kid". Nah mate, I'm putting my foot down. So what if she's a kid? SHE's the one who chose to put herself on YouTube. Therefore SHE should be prepared for haters. She isn't a baby even if she sounds like one. (obviously fake) Everyone gets haters. VA is a strong girl, she can take care of herself. She would've quit YouTube ages ago if she was so weak. Just because her mum has done things in the past, doesn't mean that we should blame her for everything Venus does too. Because VA has done some stupid things as well, and she should take responsibility for her own actions.
VA also has the right to keep the video HOWEVER, she needs a valid reason to keep it up except for "But it's MY video! :'(". Instead, she deletes (yet she claims she never deletes comments) Anastasiya's comments and will probably play innocent again like last year. If one of my friends asked me to take a video of them down, damn right I'd listen to them. I don't care if I've spent hours editing the video, Friends always come first to me.
UPDATE: VA set all the videos filmed with Anastasiya, Private, after a lot of fans have unsubscribed to her while others threatened to unsubscribe if she doesn't take the video down in 2 days. Of course she wants her fame to rise, not fall. Who cares about that! You need to apologise to Anastasiya, because right now ..You're behaving the way you did like last year. What is this, an annual tradition of "Be A B*tch Towards A YouTuber Day"? C'mon VA. You wanna make friends? Then stop being a little b*tch and pushing them away.
Enough is enough. 
Don't expect everyone to kiss your ass. 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Korean Music

Herro! I was asked to do another video about Korean Music so I've decided to talk about how it all started for me. When I was 12 years old, an old friend of mine was a massive fan of BoA and he always has her songs playing on his AsianAvenue page. The first Korean song I've heard was called "Every Heart" by BoA. I don't know if any of you remember this, but back then ..There was this website called AsianAvenue, a social networking site for Asians (obviously) which was really popular back then. I used to love playing around with the HTML codes and all sorts, just to decorate my page and make it all nice and sparkly ..until I got lazy and just slapped on a little box with my basic information. Now it changed to AsianAve and honestly ..It's crap. Don't bother wasting your time on it. I heard Obama joined that website. Anyway, getting off-topic here. So yeah, my friend kept sending me songs by BoA and I LOOOVED her. After hearing her songs, I started checking out other Artists such as Shinhwa, S.E.S, Baby VOX, Fin.K.L and many others. My favourites were H.O.T and Sechskies (I don't know if I'm pronouncing that correctly) which is sorta like the Backstreet Boys/N'Sync of Korea. That's when I had my first celebrity crush on Tony An. Eventhough he's like 12 years older than me, when it comes to KPOP stars, age doesn't matter. HEHEHE! Then I started listening to a lot of songs from Big Bang, because my friend kept playing their songs and singing a long everytime he goes on webcam. Years go by and I came across a hilarious sitcom called "High Kick Through The Roof" where I found out about Lee Gi Kwang, from a boyband called B2ST. That's when I started checking out their songs and started listening to them. Lee Gi Kwang became my second celebrity crush. Now I watch a Korean variety show called "Running Man". I just felt like throwing it out there.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Blog My Life

I was asked to make a "Draw My Life" video but due to my work schedule, I've decided to "Blog My Life" during my work break XD

Hi, I'm Xiao. And I'm gonna Blog My Life. Anyway, my mum is half Chinese. Whereas, my dad is full Chinese. Both born in Vietnam. I grew up hearing many stories about the war between Vietnam and China which resulted in them being kicked out of their own country just because Vietnam thinks the Chinese people in their country will attack from within. True story. Long story short, my mum went to Hong Kong and my dad somehow ended up in Thailand. There was something about whales and a buddha palm, but ..I won't go into that. It just started sounding more like a fairy tale in my opinion. At the end, they both moved to England and had my brother and I. I was born in 1990, year of the Horse ..Not that you should care. My brother is only one year older than me. He's a snake. Dunno why I keep mentioning Chinese zodiacs. But, OK! Moving on ..I started school when I was ..well ..little. (Obviously) I had a perm because my mum had one, and so did her sisters. I didn't want one but there was nothing I can do about it. As my hair grew bigger ..I was totally rockin' that afro. But because of this hairstyle, I was picked on for 5 years straight ..Or was it 4? Urgh, I hate math ..After that, I just went: "Mammy, I'm growing my hair". So she gave me the "OK" and I started leaving my hair growing ..and growing ..and growing ..All the way through secondary school, which is like high school for you guys. I had long hair which covered half of my face. People called me names from "The Ring" to "The Grudge" and eventually .."Violet from The Incredibles". In secondary school, I started off great. My grades were always average but who cares! I had friends ..which lasted a year. I was a total bitch. First time making friends and I blew it being a bitch. Because of my actions, it lead me to become a social outcast. But being alone gave me time to reflect on my actions and realise my mistakes. Then a group of kids approached me and they were really nice. I didn't feel alone anymore. So I made new friends ..only to find out that they weren't my "real" friends. They only liked me because they wanted things from me. I became worser than before. To buy them new phones and such, I started from taking a cheap hairclip from a market to stealing from my own family. I knew I hit rock bottom. Everyday, they keep expecting things from me. After a few years, I finally took a stand and said "NO!". I figured I was better off being an outcast than mix with that group. I entered College when I was 16, from that day, I decided to start fresh. I've made new friends and still keep in touch with some of them 'til this day. I studied Art & Design in College, and never had plans on going into University. So I went straight to finding jobs. I've worked at McDonald's, Itsu and even passed out leaflets to members of the public. But hey, a job is a job. Now I work at a work shop repairing watches with my brother. It's a small family business. Feels good to be your own boss for once. Now YouTube is one of my jobs. Sadly it's hard to make time for it nowadays especially when I come home feeling exhausted. On 12/12/12, I was asked out by Damien. (He appeared in my video called "Shenanigans") It's been over 2 months since we were together.

Sorry, I know I havn't told the whole story in a lot of detail but my break is over! Back to work :) xxx