Saturday, 9 June 2012

Vlogging With A-ME & Friends

I went out with my friends today! I was gonna vlog properly at KFC but it was so noisy. Argh! The weather forecast said it was gonna be cloudy all day. It started off windy and then it became hot as f*ck. I regret going out in this darn puffy jacket ..Anyway, it was great re-uniting with a few of my college friends again! A-ME was there as well, and we were vlogging our arses off. PAHA! It's lovely seeing her again. Missed her loads! Oh yes, let the gif's roll in one at a time ;) I can imagine A-ME totally face-palming right about now~ Lol! I love you really, leng luii A-ME~! You better be reading this or else Imma spam your Twitter! Just kidding~ Omg, I can't stop sneezing. I took my hayfever pill before I left the house, and came back home feeling alot worse. FUUU- Must be the park ..DAMN YOU ALLERGIES~! And I have to attend my cousin's wedding tomorrow! I hope this hayfever doesn't worsen. That's strange, I was perfectly fine a few minutes ago ..Stupid hayfever~ "Shoo! Shoo! Go away!" (Who am I talking to ..?) Omg, there were literally bugs flying everywhere in that park. And whilst filming "Ask Xiaorishu" (I couldn't film that at KFC because it was really noisy) there was this loud bell ringing in the background. I think it's like a church bell? Iuno, anyway ..Yeah. I let the beautiful A-ME pick out random questions (submitted by you guys) from my Facebook status. It was ..interesting. I apologise in advance, if I havn't answered your question in my video. Although, some of these questions were ..odd :P But it's alright. I still love you guys! Anyway, I have to go downstairs and help Mammy with house chores so ..Catch you guys next time! ;)

And to end this post ..Here's 2 more gifs! LOL