Thursday, 12 July 2012


Herro my bootyful readers! Yes, I can't spell. Anyway ..Hi! So, 3 days left until voting ends on KOTW contest. Then you guys can finally rest, haha. I'm so sorry for troubling ya'll! I was surprised to see that making a video asking for votes ..actually helped me alot. Thank you all so much who've voted for me up until now. *happy tears* (what do these snowflake-like symbols mean ..?) Anyway, a bunch of people have been bugging me to click on a specific link eversince I got back from work. As soon as I saw the person's username, I immediately refused to click on it. Only 'coz I dislike every word that comes out of that b*tchy mouth. So people kept asking me what were my thoughts about that person's blog post. Without even looking at it, I just replied "no comment". Few hours later, I finally clicked on the link and ..Just wow ..I never thought anyone would stoop so low. Who am I kidding? That person is just ..I'm not gonna go into detail. I'm pretty sure atleast 1% of you know who/what I'm talkin' about. Whereas the remaining 99% of you are sitting there with ?'s hovering around your head. Am I right? Or am I left? ;) Enough with silent gossiping lol. Next weekend, I will be checkin' out London's Korea Town! I'll be vlogging there with my bestfriend so look forward to that. It'll be my first time going there. Not expecting to bump into Park Ji Sung (football/soccer player), although ..that'd be wicked. But he's in Manchester :P