Sunday, 25 December 2011

On Christmas Day!

Hi everybooty! Did you guys enjoy or currently enjoying your Christmas Day? I've arrived back home from my cousin's Christmas party just over an hour ago, and guess what? My YouTube inbox was spammed by random people, asking me if my real name is "Sari Tiffy" (She deleted her profile, I think) And I'm thinking "Ze Fook?!" right? Anyway, turns out that this person has been going around telling people that he/she is ..well =_=; I know posers don't usually bother me ..I mean ..Why me? Can't you pick someone less obvious like ..My mum? Lol! J/K. But yeah ..I dunno. This isn't the way I want Christmas Day to end_^" Me in a "WTF" Face. Hahaha~ Anyways, moving on! I've only gotten 3 Christmas presents this year! (image on the left) One was a perfume thingy from my aunty, and TWO of the other gifts are from my adorable cousin :D She got me a Gloomy Bear phone strap thingy (CUTE!) and an eye-shadow kit thingy (I need to stop saying "thingy" so damn much!) We didn't really do much today but it was fun seeing my family again! We had some catching up to do, and watched PONYO on TV, so I didn't really film much during the day. I might upload a really short video on my second channel sometime soon though! Tata for now! xxx