Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Internet Drama

I know Trolls can be Trolls. But seeing a 20-something year old man cyberbullying a 15 year old kid ..WTF is up with that? I feel so sorry for the kid because he didn't do anything wrong. You don't see a 1 year old trolling on a sperm. HA! This man went as far as to make a video about the boy. I understand that not everyone likes the kid's videos. You can't please everybody, right? But still, cyberbullying is not cool man. Can't you just go watch another video instead of ranting about him? Looks like this man has nothing better to do. The 15 year old blocked the haters, can you blame him? I would've done the same to prevent them from spamming mean and racist comments. I know it's impossible to avoid them all because more will come. No matter what age you are, everyone deals with trolls differently.

So this kid made a video telling his fans to dislike and flag the Troll's video for "Hatred & Bullying". And what happens? The 20-something year old man gets all angry and makes another video about the kid. Hating on him ..again. My goodness, I didn't expect to witness this much drama amongst men. So much drama ..Fuck it.