Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Media

Herro, my sexy readers! It's been awhile since I've typed something less-dramatic on this blog. Here we go! Yesterday, I've slept for 12 hours!! ..but you probably don't care. OK, moving on. Hi, I'm Xiao :) ~Awkward Silence~ Oh gawd, isn't this like the best post you've ever read? I know, right? ..I'm stupid and boring? Oh yeah?! ..Wait, you're right. OK, so someone asked me "Which one would you rather choose between FRIENDS or FAME?" Isn't it obvious? FRIENDS of course :) To be honest with you, I never want to be seen as "famous". I originally made YouTube videos to entertain my little cousin. Then suddenly, my videos just ..blew up. If somebody walked up to me and offered an interview/TV show, I'd back down immediately. Why? Because I don't want that kind of attention. (Unless they promise to edit my voice and blur out my face, then that's A-OK) Knowing myself, I wouldn't have the balls (not like I have any) to do something like that. I'd end up peeing myself on Live Television instead. That's just me. I'd rather live a peaceful life than be associated with the media. Thanks for reading! Eventhough my blog isn't exactly "interesting" but whatever :P Atleast you've learned something about me! (Unless you already know, then this post is a WASTE, LOL)