Saturday, 2 June 2012

Thank You

This blog post is dedicated to every single one of you. We've had our happy times, sad times ..and times where you just wanna pull your hair out. But regardless of that, I'm very happy that I get to share these moments with you all. You're always supporting me and continuously leaving me messages that always bring a massive smile on my face. I can't say "Thank you" enough. My dream is to become a successful YouTuber who can bring smiles around the world, my inspiration is guys. If I ever become really successful in the future, I promise to come visit you guys ;) I want to stay with YouTube for a very long time. So when I look back at my old videos, I can laugh and watch myself grow, it's never too late to start. Better than a photo album, right? But, I'm not saying photo albums are bad, they're also useful. Anything that hold memories, is worth cherishing. You guys are very strong, even stronger than me, I believe. I hope you'll all continue to lend me your strength to support me til the very end. I love you all so much :')
Thank you.