Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Collab DEADLINE!

Hi everybooty! Merry Christmas EVE EVE EVE! Today is the deadline of the Christmas collab so I will NOT be accepting anymore entries as I will start editing this evening :) (Unless you send me your video clip before 6PM London Time - You go figure out the time difference :P Lol!)A massive THANK YOU to my friends and YOU guys for taking part! We've reached 37 entries/videos/pikachu's! And I've enjoyed watching each and every one of them_^ I can see your Christmas spirit shine! (Cheesy. No?) Anyway, sorry to everyone who couldn't make it in time. It was pretty "last minute" of me to post that thing about the Christmas collab on my Facebook :') Maybe next time!
UPDATE: Christmas video is up! :D Enjoy!