Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Filming Day!

Hi everybooty! Thank you so much for leaving your lovely comments on my new video! I enjoy reading them :D I've even curled my hair just for that video since alot of people have requested me to do so ..eventhough it makes my head appear a million times bigger. Lol! Nah, not really. More like, half a million. My only complaint about curling my hair is that the curling iron thingy-ma-jiggy makes my hair really smelly =/

Even efter washing my hair, it still smells! It usually takes a couple more washes just to get that scent off. Smells like, ermm ..burnt plastic? I suck at explaining/describing things. I've just noticed how scary I look in these photos. I'm sorry! Oh, speaking of "sorry". I apologize to the people whose questions weren't featured in my video. I didn't have much time to film as I had alot of things to do for mammy today. So I've only picked out a few. I've also noticed that people have been asking what happened between my ex-boyfriend (Damon) and I. Not to be rude, but sadly I cannot talk about it as it's really private. I hope you guys understand :) I'm taking a break from dating since I always seem to be in alot of stress everytime I'm in a relationship. I'd rather enjoy my single life :P