Thursday, 8 December 2011

I dunno what to put as the title ..So, I'm just gonna-OH SHIT!

Hi everybooty! Another day, another boring-ass adventure! HurHurHur ..I dunno, man. Anyway, it's 10:38PM and I'm getting ready to go to bed. Can you believe my flu came back? It sucks! It sucks rotten hairy balls *ew* Err ..what else was I gonna say? Oh yeah! Welcome to my official blog! ..Goin' off-topic here XD Don't I look like The Grudge? I get that alot in secondary school. Which was why I started dying (dying? dye-ing?) my hair. Thinking of re-dying it again soon. I dunno, typing "dying" doesn't look right here ..MEH! (horse sound?) Oh yeah, I've joined Tumblr last year and havn't used it since. I've closed down that account today, so if you see someone making a Tumblr account under the username "xiaorishu". Just a heads up ;) That's not me. I'm only gonna blog on this now :P Bored yet? You better be! Oh, shizzle~ I should go get some sleep now since I slept around 2AM last night @@; Well ..Morning :P G'night everybooty! xxx