Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Likes VS Dislikes (Part 1)

Just got back home and I am exhausted~~ Time to relax and watch The Simpsons (on TV)! Oh ..Commercial is on ..Anyways! How's everyone today? ^^ Lately, I've been getting messages about "dislikes" on YouTube. Especially from people who ask me how do I deal with it. Well, there's nothing you can do about it really. When you broadcast yourself on YouTube, you can't expect every single person to like your video. If it bothers you so much, then disable the ratings :) But if you're mostly getting "Likes" then you shouldn't let the "dislikes" bring you down, y'know? Stay strong! I get alot of dislikes too :) It used to bother me alot, that's why I disabled my ratings around the beginning of this year. But now I'm used to it. Even if I get thousands of "dislikes", it doesn't bother me anymore :) And seeing that little red bar at the end of the ratings thingy, makes it look like a cig, Lol! Dunno why I like it when it looks like that but yeah XD Don't let it get to you! I wouldn't be surprised if someone subscribed to me just to dislike every video I've posted, because sometimes you may wonder why you've been getting a similar number of dislikes. I've had that thought in my head several times before, but now ..I don't really care anymore_^ So this message goes out to the people who feel down because of getting "dislikes". I mean, if you compare that to one of those viral videos who get like millions of dislikes, the amount you get isn't even that bad_^ So think of the "likes" and not the "dislikes" ;) If you get more dislikes then ..Still ignore it! It's just evidence that there are people watching you ;) And are probably just jealous, or missed the "like" buttonI dunno, Lol. Sorry, I suck at cheering people up but I'm trying! I've probably repeated myself alot of times in this post but ah well :P

Not eating meat today, and suddenly thought of my bestfriend because he's a vegetarian.