Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Hi everybooty! Did you guys enjoy watching my new video? I know it applies to most people despite the race :P It's just something I picked up from Google. Blame them! Not me! LOL I know I don't take photos often, and I apologize for that :P Well, I took a few photos today after filming so ..be happy! So you can continuously laugh at my terrible monkey/piggy-looking poses. WTF am I doing in this photo? Seriously. I look like I've just had an allergic reaction which caused my lips to stick out like that. Hahaha! Human Ducks FTW yo'! Oh wow, only a few days til Christmas! Are you all looking forward to it? :D I know I am. I'll be spending it at my Cousin's Christmas party! Woohoo! I havn't seen my cousin in awhile so I'm glad she's having a party at her house :D You know~ The cousin whom everyone mistook for ME! Lol! Seriously though, do we really look-alike?? Because we can't seem to see what you guys see :P Oh gosh, the amount of comments I've received from my latest video, from people calling me "The Grudge" =_=; I had to remove them all because I really HATE being called that. (Brings back memories of my Secondary School days) Which was why I started dying(dye-ing?) my hair. As soon as I did, people stopped calling me that. So I'm gonna dye my hair again soon :3 until my hair gets damaged XD Not only did I remove those "Grudge" comments, I've even banned someone from my Facebook page for calling me that on almost every photo I've posted. Like ..C'mon, does he have nothing else to say? Gosh. Sorry for being a bitch though. You wouldn't understand how I feel. Unless you've been in a similar situation where even the teachers started calling you "The Ring" or "The Grudge" as well. Peace Out! ;)