Sunday, 18 December 2011

More Mango

Great ..More mango for dessert. I swear, mammy makes me eat this way too many times. I see this as a punishment xD because she knows I don't like 'em lol. So so so ..What did I do today? Catch up with my friends since I havn't spoken to them in sucha long time :) Now I'm watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air because this show never gets old (for me). Yesterday was some YouTube gathering thingy[?] but I couldn't go because

a) I'm ill

b) I'm broke

c) I'm just lazy

Muhaha! I'm glad my friends have had fun there though :D I'm probably the only person who doesn't enjoy theme parks_^" How boring am I? Extremely! Ahh, my throat is still sore. Mango's don't help, do they? Meehhh~~ These pj's are baggy(random) ..I love baggy clothes xD