Saturday, 17 December 2011

Upcoming Collab!

Just thought I'd share this because I've been going through alot of stress lately, and watching this video from one of my viewers, really cheered me up_^ Thank you so much~!

Guess what guys? I'll be taking part in A-ME's upcoming Collaboration video! I'm doing my best because I have to sing and we all know I can't sing ;D My sore throat just makes everything worse so I hope it goes away before the deadline. *nervous laughter* Can you believe I don't know the lyrics to even ONE single Christmas song? Failure, indeed. Or maybe all songs in general ..Oh! I know the lyrics to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" song :D Oh wait I don't. (I end up singing the chorus at the wrong time. Lol!) I couldn't do much today because of this damn flu! GRR! And all this regarding me leaving YouTube. Don't worry! I won't be leaving YouTube anytime soon. Maybe years from now XD But not now. Happy? Although, it'd be cool to have a "replacement" so all I have to do is the editing lol. Wow, imagine I held some kinda "Xiaorishu Audition" HURHURHUR! That'll be so jokes! So, what's up pussy cat? It's nearly 7:30PM and I'm sitting here watching TBBT (The Big Bang Theory), LOOOVE THIS SHOW :D Anyone can enjoy it. Not just "nerds"~

I've been chatting with my LouLou & my bestfriend (Kennies) today :D Fun Fun Fun~! Eww, don't look at my dusty webcam lol. Yes, I'm a dirty girl ;) (No pun intended) LouLou wrote on my facebook wall this morning and linked me to our first collaboration video called "Father's Day (2011)". Can't believe it's only been 5 months since that video was released. Feels like I've known LouLou for a very long time~ Urgh! These oranges are sour as heck! Oh, sorry. I'm eating oranges right now incase you're confused lol. Want some? Well, good thing I don't have to eat it all because I have a big bowl full of 'em @@; Thank you all for sending me your video clips which will be in my Christmas video! :D So far, I've received 12. Woohoo! Keep 'em coming! Deadline is on Christmas Eve (24th December, 2011) since that's the day I'll be uploading the video. It's gonna be great! I'm not the type of person who only asks "famous/popular youtubers" to take part in this video. That's why I let anyone participate_^ I believe everyone deserves a chance to be featured, y'know?