Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Shopping!

Hi everybooty! Today, I went to Bromley Glades Shopping Centre for "Christmas Shopping" with Kelsey and EuEu! I've had lots of fun, especially since I havn't seen Kelsey since ..My birthday XD It was her first time in Bromley so I'm glad she didn't get lost. We walked around, I bought a few things ..and we ate at KFC! (No surprise there) We've managed to film for abit (mostly at KFC) The video is below! *points* I couldn't film much inside the shopping centre because I've got into trouble last time. "Meep!" On my way home, I checked my twitter and noticed that Bromley Glades Shopping Centre tweeted me! How sweet! I didn't even know they followed me o_o; Or did they ..? Ah well.