Sunday, 11 December 2011

KFC Is Better Than Winter Wonderland?

Hi everybooty! I went to meet some of my friends before heading off to Winter Wonderland and vlog with A-ME and Jammy! Sadly, my bus arrived pretty late this morning so I was a few minutes late. I'M SO SORRY! (If you guys are reading this) So it took us about an hour to get to Winter Wonderland but it was fun ..when we saw Jammy & Jeremy. We wandered around Winter Wonderland and suddenly I'm thinking .."Damn, this place is pretty dull ..since we're all broke" LOL! I only went out to vlog, not to go on rides anyway. So what did we do? We ditched Winter Wonderland for KFC! Pfft, KFC IS my Wonderland. We struggled to find seats because the place was PACKED with old, young, chubby, skinny people ..Oh, and a dog. Later on, we've managed to get seats upstairs. It felt like a race when Jammy was like "GO! GO! GO!". The funny part was when Jammy was running after another asian girl and said "Xiao! Xiao!" LOL! We started munching away and Amy joined us! Poor girl, she's ill! "GET WELL SOON, LENG LUI!" We offered Amy some food but she didn't wanna eat, I felt bad eating infront of her XD I didn't want her to starve, and her hands were FREEZING. I know that has nothing to do with KFC, but DAMN! I'd give her my gloves but they can't even keep my own hands warm enough since they're fingerless gloves. You know, like the ones Ash (from Pokemon) wears. Okay, next! We walked around Oxford Street and Amy noticed people giving out free Starbucks coffee. And you know how much we love free stuff ;) (Cheapness runs in the asian blood?) I'd have some, but I don't like coffee :P I'm a TEA person. *Awww* ..Yeah. Lol, we saw people dancing and Jammy showed us his epic skills! We've had a blast! Many other things have happened today so I won't go into detail ;) You'll just have to watch our video!