Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Just got back from my cousin's New Year's party and I am exhausted(sleepy) eventhough all I did was sit there and chat all day. But I've had fun! Nothing makes me laugh more than the silly littlejokes my cousins come up with XD Fawkin' LOVE them to bits! I have some big news (in a few months) so look forward to that ;) because it's gonna knock yo' socks off! (Okay, maybe not) Anywho~~ I've just read your comments on my latest video which made me happy! Although, I apologize for scaring some of you as I've noticed a handful of you have said that you spat out a drink or something. (LOL) Again, I'm sorry :P Wow, I say that quite alot this year. Well ..last year (2011). Must be the most common word I've used[?] Hmm ..So yeeahhh~~ HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY SEXY PEOPLE~! Did you guys watch the fireworks? Obviously, I didn't. I don't like being in a crowd, I didn't wanna miss another episode of "The Big Bang Theory" ..and most importantly ..I CAN'T anyway because I have a CURFEW remember?? XD Today, I had some egg thingy and roll ..thingy for dinner. It had prawns and noodles inside, plus the sauce was spicy as heck! It was "alright" but I wouldn't wanna eat it too often because ..well ..y'know ..I don't like it_^" ehehe ..Have I suddenly become sick of Chinese food? Oh wait, I was never really a big fan of it. Except for DIM SUM baby! YERRR! "I'm a Spring Roll :)"