Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Likes VS Dislikes (Part 2)

This is probably the stupidest thing you'll ever read but I'm just gonna get it out there. Yesterday, I've received yet another message from a girl, asking me how to deal with people disliking your videos. I've already spoken about it on my other "Likes VS Dislikes" post. Just ignore it because you get more "likes" anyway. And guess what happened to me this morning? My youtube inbox was spammed by idiots accusing me of "disliking" a video. What happens afterwards? I had a WTF face of course! So one person linked me to a specific video and I've noticed that it has over 20-something dislikes. (But the "like" bar is alot higher) I honestly don't know why I'M the one being accused of something so stupid. Do you really think I'd make that many accounts just to dislike a single video? After looking through the other videos, I've noticed there is a pattern (kinda - similar number of "dislikes" on each video), I can see why the uploader would be upset about it. But why would I waste my time disliking every single video that person makes? I have better things to do y'know. Like, taking a dump. HAH! So I've noticed one of the comments saying that I got my "fans" or what they call you guys "minions" (That's just rude) to dislike their videos too. Now, explain WHY would I do that? Do you see me going around tweeting and telling people to dislike videos? That's fucking pathetic. So to all those people spamming my inbox ..If you're gonna accuse me of something, think of something better because I get alot of "dislikes" too, possibly alot more than that person in fact, and do you see me getting all angry and accusing an individual? NO. Why? Because IT DOESN'T MATTER. Not everyone is gonna like your video no matter what you do. If it bothers you that much, disable the ratings. Simple. Guys, it's 2012~ I'm sick, I'm tired. I have no time for your childish games. So, just leave me alone!