Thursday, 5 January 2012

No Healthy ~ No Video

Hi everybooty! Normally, I don't post a blog entry straight after waking up but I have to since I'm going back to bed shortly (flu drained my energy). Anyway, I just wanna say SORRY for not posting a video in ..4 days? Oh, you forgive me? Woohoo! (Bet you secretly wanna throw me out the window or something, hahah~) But yeah, I've been really ill and vomitting alot (You: Xiao! You didn't have to tell us that!). After taking medicine, I've been feeling abit more calm which is good. But still dizzy~ Ah well. I'll TRY to film something tomorrow. Notice the "TRY" part, so don't get upset if you don't see a video posted xD or else I'd feel bad! But yeah, yesterday I've had a fun conversation which involves finding out that a Ninja Turtle song was #1 around my birthday week[?] Something like that. And a watching video that made me feel even more sick. Lol! So, overall, it was very interesting even if it didn't sound like it to you :P You just had to be there because there was so much more going on. I just can't be bothered to type the whole thing, y'know? Damn, it looks so sunny outside yet the trees look like they're being pushed to one side o_o; (Strong wind) I feel sorry for my dad because he left the house to collect more medicine for the whole family. And when he's outside in the cold, he coughs like MAD! T_T Poor daddy~ I could've went but I woke up late xD Ah, looks like he just got back home with my brother. OMG, have you guys tried these "Moser Roth Finest Truffles" chocolates? I've tried them on Christmas Day for the first time and fell in LOVE. My aunty bought it from this store called Aldi. After that first bite, I wanted to buy some too! ..after I feel better of course, because Mammy kept telling me not to eat chocolates whilst I'm still ill ^^" ehehe ..