Friday, 6 January 2012

Nobody's Perfect

Hi everybooty! So, what did you guys think of my new video? ;) Surprised? Heheh, if only I could see the looks on your faces as soon as you've heard my bestfriend's voice. HURHURHUR~ So yeah, my skin condition (Keratosis Pilaris) :) I believe I wasn't born with it because I've seen my baby photos and my skin was hella smooth! So it must've developed as I grew older. All I know is that it's genetic because my dad has it too. But yeah, it's no big deal ^^ It can just ..sometimes be a little troublesome. especially when I wanna shave my legs (stop reading this if you're already disgusted LOL) Yes, some women shave their legs. Don't act like it's not normal! Because I see it on TV commercials! Hahah! Anyways, yeah. Because of my "bumpy" skin, whenever I try to shave my legs, the blade cuts the bumps and my legs start to bleed. (Bet you're thinking "EW! XIAO! STOP IT!", well ..I ain't stopping! Muhaha!) ..Okay, that was pretty much it tbh. Hahah! I've seen other products like hair-removal creams. As in, you put cream on your legs, leave it on for like 5mins and wash it off, then your hair magically falls off! Ooooh~~ I feel like I'm advertising like in my water bottle photo above xD! My video doesn't only apply to rashes and such, I'm also talking about people who've been through accidents like getting burnt. Because I've noticed that these people get alot of stares from the public, and not in a good way. This needs to stop! It may be rude to stare, but it's more rude to point and laugh at these people. Have you no shame?? I know you've probably thought this before too. One of the common questions I get are "Xiao, why do you look so different in your photos?" Different? Don't you mean, better? ;) LOL! Yeah, it's the camera angle, lighting, the fact that my hair covers my fat cheeks ..Oh! And let's not forget my bestfriend, Mr.Photoshop! That's right, I'm not ashamed to admit it :P I photoshop my photos, got a problem with that? TOUGH! Atleast I know when people steal my photos, they can't prove that they're "me" unless they have the ORIGINAL unedited photos ;) Muhaha! Hey, I'm a girl. If there was a magical cream called "Photoshop" that can remove spots and scars etc, I'd order hundreds of those! But sadly, all we have is make-up and I'm not crazy enough to constantly cover my arms and legs in foundation, lmao! I remember seeing a photo of that "Photoshop cream" on Google Images XD So funny! Okay, moving on. I've reached 100 dislikes on my " The Worst Singer On YouTube" video! *tears up* I'd like to thank my viewers, my little cousin, my awesome friends and of course, THE INTERNET! I wouldn't have gotten this far without you guys. I LOVE YOU ALL! LET'S PARTY like there's no tomorrow!