Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Obvious Poser & Xiaorishu Goes To Canada?!

When you meet someone "good-looking" online. What do you usually do? Wonder if they're real, right? Hahah~ That's why I only make friends with people on YouTube because they can't hide behind photos :P Although, they can steal videos from other users. But it's not that difficult to find that out. Anyway, let's talk about the obvious posers here. Have you ever come across one/several? Because I have. And that was Chris Brown. That's right. The famous Chris Brown has liked my Facebook page. How obvious can you get?? Seriously. If you're gonna pose as someone, atleast do it right or don't bother doing it at all. Bet you're confused whether I'm for or against POSING now xD Alright, Here's another obvious poser. This person claims to be CL from a Korean band called 2NE1 and can easily get away with it because not EVERYONE knows who 2NE1 are. I love how the caption for this photo is "posing" because that's what posers are only capable of doing ;) Get it? Have you ever wondered whether it's a girl or a boy behind those photos? Perhaps someone who's the same age as your father?? How creepy would that be? So, what's your method to catch out a poser? Do you make them go on webcam? I wouldn't suggest having them make a "sign" for you because they can easily get that photoshopped :P

So, I got back home from doing a little grocery shopping for Mammy. She tells me that tomorrow, I'll be going to Canada! I didn't know what for, so I just went to pack my stuff anyway. My little cousin came over to my house to have a nice chat, seems like she really wanted to come with me. I'm too broke to book a taxi/cab so I asked Mammy if she could drive me to the airport and she said "Of course I'm driving you all to the airport" so I'm like " all? Who else is going with me??" Turns out that my dad, granny and my older cousin will be going there with me. How exciting! I gotta start tweeting everybody that I'll be vlogging there! Then, I've asked which area we'll be heading to. I forgot what she said but it's definately not the place I wanted to go to (Vancouver), what a shame~! Anyway, the next morning is here and we're all getting ready to leave. My luggage was so heavy! My dad must've shoved his clothes in there again so that his luggage would feel lighter ..Pfft~ So, off we go! We've finally reached the airport and what happens next? My brother wakes me up. It was all a dream.