Thursday, 12 January 2012

Not much to say ..

Ahh, so tired. I slept around 11pm last night, then woke up around 2am and slept again at 3am-ish xD Time difference sucks when you can only talk to that person at a certain time. Anywho, Hi guys! How're you today? I'm exhausted from working today x_x; but it's all good, because I've had a Cheese & Onion Panini for lunch! That shit is BUFF! I love it, I like it, you want it? I'm not a big fan of onions so I kept taking it out ^-^" ehehe ..I'm quite picky with food. Well, I'm back at home now and it's nearly 8pm. 3 more hours til I get to talk to my American friend again :D Wahey! Omg, The Big Bang Theory is on TV. Catch you guys later!