Thursday, 19 January 2012


Herro everybooty! Whilst uploading my next video (it should be up by the time I finish typing this anyway), I've decided to update my blog! First all, I'd like to thank everyone for watching my video about bullying. I really didn't expect it to reach over 50,000 views! That's incredible! It may be nothing compared to the videos with nearly 1 million views, but it's still alot to me! xD THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

I forgot what S.O.P.A stands for (Smacking Oversized Pink Asses?) but it seems to upset alot of people by this new law thingy-majiggy. Wikipedia is down now, right? That sucks! ..Eventhough I rarely use that website. But I feel sorry for the people in America who actually use it. What's next? Google? Why are these people censoring websites all of a sudden? I don't understand, and I'm too lazy to Google it lol. If there's something I can do to help, please let me know! I've even signed that petition but there was another one and it said only people in America can sign it. Dammit! I really wanna help :(