Wednesday, 11 January 2012

YouTube Deletes Inactive Accounts!

Herro everybooty! I've heard that YouTube will be deleting inactive accounts on the 12th January 2012, which means that everyone will lose subscribers from inactive users of course ;) Tbh, I'm glad. Maybe not for you lol. You're not the only ones who've noticed that only 10% of my subscribers actually WATCH my videos, and I only wanna keep my REAL subscribers if you get what I'm saying :P I don't know why people are subscribing to me and not watching my videos. It's weird! But if they're "active" users, then obviously YouTube wouldn't delete them. But yeah. FINALLY, YouTube is taking action_^ I wonder how many subscribers RayWilliamJohnson and NigaHiga will have afterwards because eversince RWJ beat NigaHiga, loadsa people have been making multiple accounts just to subscribe to NigaHiga as an attempt to beat RWJ as the "Most Subscribed YouTuber". Seriously, this isn't a competition! I'm hoping to have atleast 5,000 subscribers (or less) by the end of tomorrow! Are you guys excited? Or unhappy about this? :) I'd like to know!

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