Monday, 13 February 2012

Contest Design

Want your design on xiaorishu clothing?
If you would like your own design on the xiaorishu store it's very simple.

All you have to do is submit a picture of your design, it can be hand drawn, made on the computer or even a photo, we will even accept photos of your drawings if you cant scan them, but you MUST be able to send it through an email or post it on the xiaorishu Facebook wall.

The design can be ANYTHING you like but the more xiaorishu related that it is, the more likely it will be chosen OR it could simply be that amazing or crazy that it doesn't have to XiaoRishu related at all :)

The winners design will be computer rendered and tweaked if needed to look like a professional design, it will then be sold on the store for all to see and buy.

Funny? Cute? crazy?
It's up to you!

The design with be used on all clothing we are able to apply it to.

Submit all designs to by February 29th 2012.
The words 'contest design' must be in the subject for it to reach the inbox
OR post it on the official xiaorishu Facebook page with the words contest design.

The winner will be notified by March 5th.
The design will hopefully be on the market by March the 15th.