Friday, 17 February 2012

Plans, Plans & More Plans!

Herro my sexy people! Oh gawd, look at me ..I'm starting to talk like my Asian friends ..that can't be good ..Lol! Oh, how I miss you guys (Vinnii, Tommy(my son) & Leng lui Amy~!) So, today I've uploaded two vlogs! Since I gotta keep up with this daily vlogging routine on my new Channel. Flippin' hell, when is YouTube gonna Partner that Channel?? I'm starting to become impatient! Ah well, I shall pass time by learning random languages lol. It was fun reading out random Japanese phrases for during the past week. Someone asked me why I suddenly started speaking Japanese. Well, I've noticed that I have viewers in Japan, and their English isn't fluent you see. So I thought it'd be interesting for them to see me attempt to speak their language. Eventhough I failed miserably. If I was fluent in Japanese, it'd be fun to be a voice actress for Anime! But nahh, maybe I should dub Anime in English? Just kidding. I'm currently saving up for a new phone since Skype is no longer compatible with my current phone (It's TOO old!) I remember asking you guys to recommend me a phone (via Facebook), and alot of you suggested all these super expensive phones! Why?! Lol! I'm not rich y'know :P But after looking at alot of phones online, I've finally picked one! But havn't got enough money for it yet. I should be able to get it before my birthday (Summer) so that's a loooong way! Looks like the next language I want to practice is HMOOB[?] Because ..Ermm ..I guess you can say there's someone I want to "impress"[?] when I visit California again ^-^" Don't get the wrong idea!