Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Herro everybooty who has a booty! ..and big thighs like me (HURHURHUR! ..what?) How's everyone today? I've just got back from work not too long ago, and I'm feeling SLEEPY! So what am I gonna do? Post a blog entry of course! Yes yes, I'm doing that now. I'm not stupid. Or am I ..? Who knows! It's a mystery ..A mystery indeed ..(WTH am I trying to say ..?) So, how are you guys? Oh wait, I've asked that already. AH! I can't even think straight! I'm so sorry! So, how's everyone today? (LOL!) There is no end to this! Muhaha! ..I'm think I'm high on oxygen. Yes, that's what it is. Moo~ Quack~ YIPEE! Anywho ..HI! Why are you still reading this?? F#CK my car antenna! (Huh?) Err ..What was I gonna say? That's it! I thought I could feel relaxed atleast but nooo ..Some ASSY-ASSY-WOW-HOLE had to ruin it for me by posting sucha harsh comment on my video. Why, oh WHY must you be an ASS?! I'm too lazy to reply to his/her comment though, so I blocked him/her/it/goose. I feel so much better now! Pssh, why are the negative comments always from people with no videos?! OK, I need to calm down now because I have a wedgie. HOLY SHIZZLES! Ah, I need to make a video for my bestfriend tomorrow, since it's his 21st birthday ..It's a MUST! Sorry, I don't usually wish people a "Happy Birthday" in a vlog. But because he's my bestfriend (AND he's turning 21), I can't NOT make a video for him, y'know? Because he lives all the way in America, it's more like a gift from me. Can't wait to visit America again! Ah, I've thought about doing this Google+ Hangout thingy where I go on webcam. But ermm ..Yeah, I dunno. Lol! Ciao for now!