Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Love At First Sight

In my opinion, loads of people have experienced "Love At First Sight" atleast once. But what IS "Love At First Sight"? Does that mean falling in love with someone as soon as you see them? (Do you go for looks?! ..Because I do ..Lol! ..and personality) Or ..You knew that person was "The One" just by looking at them? (It STILL sounds like you only go for looks though!) So, do you believe in "Love At First Sight"? I wonder if "Love At First Smell" exists ..You fall in love with someone just by their scent. There are billions of people around, you can't say there isn't atleast ONE person like that, right? Is there a nickname for that person you're searching for? Like ..Your "Angel"? Mine is a little "out there" ..which is ..PRINCE. But that's not all ..You know how people say "Oh! You're the best! You're Number 1!" Well, for me ..calling that person "Number 1" isn't enough :P Even 0 (zero) isn't enough either so ..He deserves to be in the MINUS region. So I've come to a conclusion! IF I ever get married (Who'd marry this useless person anyway?), I want to marry my MINUS INFINITY PRINCE. Isn't that an epic nickname or what? Are you laughing at me?! How dare you! T_T Leave me alone~ Well, throughout my life, I've only dated guys younger than me because older guys never find me attractive :P But ..I'm sick of this love game. So, I'm gonna start dating older guys :) My dad certainly wouldn't approve of me marrying a younger guy anyway ..Lol ..Look at me suddenly talking about marriage *covers face*
Anyway, I should start getting ready for work now. Tata Children ;P <3