Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Happy ..Err ..February?

Yo Yo Yo! Today, I've tried out this hair-dye foam thingy. It's all nice and bubbly but ..IT STINKS! Well, actually ..I've never experienced nice-smelling hair-dye before~ Hahaha ..Do you like the outcome? My hair is all light-coloured again! Woohoo! I've thought of recording myself re-dying my hair but man ..I've made a mess in the bathroom. I'm glad I didn't record myself :P So, it's the beginning of February! The only thing I can think of for this month, is Valentine's Day. You guys have any plans? ;) This year, my Valentine is my close friend who lives all the way in America XD Since Valentine's Day is sorta the day where I'm reminded that I'm still single. Lol! Gonna send him a little gift V-Day card (I wrote some long-ass essay on his card, lmao!) very soon. I hope he'll like it! You don't need a gf/bf to have a Valentine ..right? But still ..Since he lives so far away, I'd be more happier if he didn't spend Valentine's Day alone like me! XD Mm, besides all this ..I've been watching a Korean Variety show called "런닝맨(Running Man)". F*cking LOVE it!