Sunday, 5 February 2012

Let It Snow

As you guys know, it was snowing in London last night! I wouldn't say it snowed "heavily", but snow is snow :P I woke up this morning and noticed that it has already started melting! Today, I went to play in the snow for awhile. I saw a long-ass worm crawling near me so I threw a snowball at it. (Gosh, I'm so evil!!) Whilst filming, I dropped my digital camera in the snow! Oh, Snow! I mean ..Oh, No! Good thing it's still working but the touch screen function is a little "bleh"~ DUN DUN DUNNN! Luckily, it was just my old camera. I'd flip out if I dropped my DSLR instead. Sadly, I cannot turn back time so ..EESAHFEOHFAFHD!! (Sign of anger?) Anyways, it's raining right now so ..Bye Bye Snow!

Ah, forgot to mention ..I have a 3RD Channel now! WAHOO!!