Friday, 13 April 2012

Meeting Abi + Friends

Aaah~ I've slept late last night because I was chatting with Vincent & Shimmy. But I've managed to wake up on time this morning! So, today~ I've met the wonderful Abi for the first time~! Also, Alice, Kelsey, Yuki and Jammy! It was great to meet them and see Jammy again :D We had to rush our journey since I was only out for about 3 hours, heh~ My buses kept terminating! So I had to switch to alot of buses to get to ChinaTown. Damn youuu bus~! *shakes fist* I got there on time-ish anyway, so it's all good! When I first saw Abi, she ran towards me and gave me a BIIIG hug! Abi and her friends are so cute and pretty! We waited for Kelsey before we started taking photos at those PuriKura (Photo Sticker Booth) thingies~ It was fun! It's been awhile since the last time I went on one of those ..I kinda ruined the photos by pullign a "WTF" face at the last second before the photos were taken. Silly me~ It's a habit, OK? Don't hate! Appreciate! Anyway, I won't spoil too much of our day, as I'm uploading a video of our day-out!